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This applies to all kinds of relational issues with those in your life - and, most vitally, your own relationship with your self.

  • Developing a profoundly nourishing healthy relationship with your very own being is at the core of all psychotherapy.
  • Deeply rewarding, your engagement in such work is a real investment in true (inner) quality of life - as, like it or not, each one of us has our very own being as our life-long constant companion!

    Life is often viewed as a 'journey'. For some - perhaps many, this can be a profoundly moving, genuinely 'awakening' or transformative experience. Equally, this 'journey' can, for some - perhaps many, seem stressful, anxiety-driven, meaningless or futile, grey or empty - particularly when there's a sense of disconnection and feeling lost.
  • Jaimie's 'feet-on-the-ground' approach is designed to enable those who have a tendency to float off in a wishful romantic or spiritual dream-world - so they may instead develop and deepen their sense of being and their path - effectively.
  • Equally, Jaimie's 'feet-on-the-ground' approach will help those experiencing the loss or absence of a sense of meaningfulness to begin to experience something genuinely enriching!
  • While gradual spiritual awakening is a gentle process, sudden spiritual awakening can trigger a period of crisis as adjustments are made. Jaimie will provide support.
    (For this work, Jaimie draws on a kind of 'mindfulness' (heart-mind) which naturally arises from long-held meditation practice and awakening awareness.)

    In our present society, anxiety and stress - in all its varied forms, including depression - is widespread.
  • Beginning with common anxiety and feeling low, we may lack energy or motivation, or say we feel 'depressed'...and yet somehow we 'manage' to function well enough to 'get through'.
  • And of course there are also states of being that seriously disrupt the usual 'managing' and 'getting through'. These tend to attract specialist attention and accompanying diagnosis. (Having worked in psychiatric care, Jaimie is able to support with understanding those recovering from break-downs - eg: post-psychotic, or those on-going struggling with ordinary life (when ordinary functioning in the world is seriously disrupted, this may attract a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder - 'BPD').
    Life for we human beings can be incredibly tough and stressful...and 'unfair' - such as sudden or gradual loss, or traumatic change in circumstance. When shock, pain or stress takes us beyond our limits, something gives! People often come to therapy in crisis; and crisis is an excellent opener to the process of healthy change.

  • Your 'identity' may be simply be about how you relate to your self, and/or how you 'fit in' - or not - with others...and society as whole.
  • Or... this may be specifically about your sexual orientation... or your gender identity with its accompanying unease or 'dysphoria' (...for which a thoroughly considered process of transition be chosen as necessary).
  • For many people, personal 'identity' means the habitual persona or disguise shown to others in our world, within which is the 'real' human being. The (unconscious or semi-conscious) 'false' self naturally develops as a survival strategy to 'get through' or 'make it' in the external world. However, this refuge or disguise tends to become imprisoning...causing a kind of withdrawal and a deep though vague sense of unease.
    (All the above may be explored and worked through...towards a genuine sense of feeling 'at home' deep within your self.)

    Jaimie works as a professional *artist - as well as psychotherapist. Creative people of all kinds are likely to benefit from thorough exploration of their creative process (and, if chosen, hands on intuitive creative self-expression) ...as this may well help dissolve creative blocks and increase effective creative expression.

    (*Jaimie Cahlil holds the copyright of all art on his WebHealer website)

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